A Direct Marketing Agency that transforms Brand into Customer Equity.

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21:12 Direct is a direct marketing agency that generates exceptional results We acquire and retain profitable customers We build customer value and reduce attrition Giving you integrated marketing solutions

21:12 Direct is a specialist direct marketing agency that will help you identify, acquire and retain profitable customers. We work in collaboration with our clients to develop effective direct marketing programmes that transform Brand equity into Customer equity. Our multi-channel direct response campaigns maximize the return on your marketing spend and deliver a step change to your results.


Our approach is inclusive and rigorous.
We immerse ourselves in our clients' businesses to create best practice communications solutions.


Meeting our clients' objectives is at the very heart of what we do, so we take the time to find out what's keeping them awake at night, without any preconceptions. Getting to know our clients' businesses, their goals and past highs and lows is key to identifying how we can make the biggest impact to their business today.


Our experience and knowledge of DM is second to none. Our team of specialist direct marketing professionals add strategic value and latest thinking from across our wide range of commercial and not for profit Clients. We drill down to understand the best way of reaching our audience and recommend the most effective message and channels.


Media neutral, we combine insight, instinct and inspiration with best practice Direct Marketing techniques. We create impactful, differentiated campaigns that bring our ideas to life – with a clear focus on R.O.I.


We aim to become an extension of your marketing team, immersed in your work, and focused on your success. Our senior team working hands-on across all client business ensures seamless implementation and flawless executional delivery.

And we deliver on time, and on budget,
every time.


Our work works. We have a pragmatic approach, never forgetting that
our sole purpose is to add value to our clients' businesses.

  • Aqua Credit Card
  • The Children's Mutual
  • CMI
  • Diabetes UK
  • SGS
  • By The Bridge
  • Blind Veterans UK
  • Our Clients


Our people are team players and each one adds something special.
With more years' experience than we care to admit, we are like-minded individuals
who embrace partnership and eschew big agency bureaucracy.

Belinda Neal – Managing Partner, 21:12 Direct

Belinda Neal – Managing Partner

Passionate, caring and committed, Belinda is the undisputed mother hen of Direct Marketing. Data is the father of her brood and responses are the offspring she nurtures so tenderly. As Managing Partner of 21:12 Direct she treats colleagues and clients with almost maternal concern.

Belinda's career spans a couple of decades and both sides of the agency / client fence; including stints at Ogilvy and Mather Direct, Board Director at Wunderman Cato Johnson, Direct Marketing Manager of the RSPCA and Trusthouse Forte; there are few more knowledgeable of direct marketing and our clients benefit fully from the enormous scope of her experience.

Belinda guides and encourages and leads by example. Enthusiastically hands on through every stage of the direct marketing process, she is often the first one in the agency and the last to leave. Like every good parent she takes it all personally and she isn't satisfied with anything less than the best.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6531 M +44 (0)7929 871465

Karen Maynard – Client Services Director, 21:12 Direct

Karen Maynard – Client Services Director

Karen's her name and developing integrated strategies is her game. Client Services Director, Karen Maynard is 21:12 Direct's veritable Head Girl. With masses of blue chip experience and a CV to die for, Karen has helped countless household names build integrated direct marketing programmes and develop their businesses.

No one has ever seen Karen's feathers ruffled. She calmly and professionally orchestrates the team around her, giving wise counsel to clients and team members alike.

Always challenging and pushing the team to exceed our clients' expectations Karen is the senior person clients insist on having on their team.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6532

Esther Parks – Senior Account Director

Esther Parks – Senior Account Director

Esther is one of our senior Account Directors and one of the jewels in the crown of
21:12 Direct.

Known to colleagues and clients alike as Eagle-eyed Parks, Esther hunts down anything in a DM campaign likely to trip our clients up and despatches it. No Financial Services compliance misdemeanour misses her watchful gaze; no complex DM programme escapes the building without her beady-eyed attention. Everyone who's ever had the privilege of working with Esther would trust her with their lives.

Esther swoops on projects and delivers with a speed and accuracy that takes your breath away. No wonder she's won awards for client service excellence. The only problem is that our clients so appreciate having Esther on their team that the demand to 'borrow' her to work at clients' own offices is growing. Hands off – she's ours!

T +44 (0)20 7680 6533

Keira Peacock

Keira Peacock - Senior Account Director

A ball of enthusiasm, energy and creativity, Senior Account Director Keira Peacock is a total one off. You'll never meet a client service person who is equally excited by a pivot table on a spreadsheet as she is by seeing the latest creative concepts come alive online.

Keira has never been known to go the extra mile for her clients – she goes 100 extra miles. Always ahead of the schedule, always sniffing out ways to make her campaign work harder, quicker or even cheaper for her clients.

Her stratospheric Direct Marketing knowledge and positive, bubbly personality are the icing on the cake. Keira is someone you'll love working with more than anyone ever before – and that's a promise.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6533

Russell Thompson OBE – Consultant

Russell Thompson OBE – Consultant

With a career that spans more than thirty five years and the recipient of an OBE and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute of Charity Fundraising, you might be forgiven for assuming it was time for Russell to take things easy. Not a bit of it. As Associate Partner at 21:12 he constantly delivers insights that are an invaluable source of illumination for our charity clients.

His working achievements read like a wish list from a university careers convention. Most recently as Director of Fund Raising and Special Events for The Royal British Legion he increased the annual donation to The Poppy Appeal from £12 million to £35 million. Russell was also responsible for re-establishing the Poppy as one of the nation's best loved brand icons.

Russell's official recognition is only outweighed by the affection and respect afforded by all who know him. From volunteers to beneficiaries, politicians to Royalty, all are treated to Russell's own distinctive charm. A timeless reminder that being fun to work with isn't a barrier to being effective.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6585 M +44 (0)7915 331443

Peter Worrall

Peter Worrall – Creative Partner

Capricious, volatile, erratic... but if you're not difficult then you're not creative. Right? Wrong. If these adjectives describe what is expected of a creative director then Peter is an oasis in a desert, a harbour in a storm, a ninety-nine on the beach at Camber. As the creative director at 21:12 he provides a refreshing reminder for us and our clients of how much fun the creative process can be.

It's a truism that when you want something done well, you should give it to a busy man and Peter is certainly that. He has an almost childish enthusiasm for his job and he is probably one of the most productive creative directors you'll ever meet. Whatever the brief, Peter is not only hands-on he is all over it.

His interests extend way beyond work of course and as anyone who has had lunch with Peter will agree he is a man of enormous appetites and enormous trousers. His love for buns is legendary as is his unfathomable passion for the music of Stackridge. There's no accounting for taste but with Peter we're delighted to enjoy his prolific substance over uncertain style every time.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6577 M +44 (0)7904 219076

Mike Jones

Mike Jones – Digital Partner

The youngest winner of the AOP publisher of the year in 2005, legend has it that Mike almost single-handedly put the social into social media. He's been at the forefront of web marketing for more than fifteen years and at 21:12 he continues to lead innovation in digital communications.

Mike is a fine balance of serious incisive thought and relentless northern humour. Try to imagine a cross between Julian Assange and John Bishop. When he says something it's worth listening to from both an intellectual and entertainment point of view.

He's driven, uncompromising, honest and compelling to work with. Mike is an individual who always gives his utmost and expects others to do the same. If you want a quiet life then it's not Mike you turn to; but if you're looking for original, inspiring ideas, he's your man.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6576 M +44 (0)7887 296565

Jeremy Prescot

Jeremy Prescot - Partner

Yoda, Gandalf, Dumbledore...Prescot. If a book was written that featured a benign wizard of advertising, surely that character would be based on Jeremy. With a rare level of knowledge and experience, as a Partner at 21:12, Jeremy constantly illuminates with his wisdom.

The alchemist behind some of the UK's most compelling advertising campaigns and an IPA Advertising Effectiveness Award winner, Jeremy is an inspiration to us and our clients. His career is intertwined with the halcyon days of creative agencies and his insights are as relevant in today's multi-channel, digital world as ever they were.

Jeremy is passionate about the value of good working relationships and the extent of his enduring contacts pays testimony to that passion. While epitomising everything that is best about old school integrity and traditional values his enthusiasm for the new and innovative remains as sharp as his wit.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6573 M +44 (0)7932 662181

Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright - Print and Production Partner

Like the character from one of Roald Dahl's most beloved children's stories, Stephen is both large and amiable. However, that is where any similarity with the BFG ends. Unlike the eponymous hero of the novel, Stephen's ears are nicely in proportion with the rest of his body and as head of print and production at 21:12, he is organised, efficient and a steely negotiator.

Stephen inhabits a ludicrously pressurised world of ridiculous deadlines, eleventh hour alterations and frantic media owners. Whatever the scenario and whether in print or digital he manages all with calm assurance and unflappable precision.

Stephen has built a reputation amongst all who work with him as being no-nonsense, straight dealing and thoroughly reliable. We would agree with all of that and more. In fact, we wouldn't dream of swapping our gentle giant for all the frobscottle in Giant Country.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6583 M +44 (0)7985 745007

Rebecca Wemyss

Rebecca Wemyss - Accountant

Don't let Becky's calm and elegant poise give you the wrong impression. When it comes to financial control, her relaxed demeanour hides a quiet authority. A steely grip in a sheepskin mitten. As the Accountant at 21:12, she is just what we need to keep the books balanced.

Formerly deputy financial director at AMV, Becky doesn't just count the numbers she is an integral part of the team. Whether calculating ROI on a charity's fundraising programme or negotiating with the procurement officer of a multi-national financial institution, her influence crosses many boundaries.

Friendly, fun and most definitely a party animal, Becky almost gives accountants a good name. She manages to combine charm and approachability with efficiency and expertise and as the agency continues to grow, there's no-one we'd rather have holding the financial reins.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6856

Russell Levy

Russell Levy - Studio Client Services Director

Often mistaken for a secret service agent or an underworld gangster, Russell maintains our service standards with a steely determination. Russell is painstaking, detailed and meticulous and as studio Client Services Director at 21:12 he is ruthless in his commitment to ensuring our clients receive only the very best.

Russell is someone who handles his workload as a respected teacher handles a recalcitrant child. With barely the raise of an eyebrow he ensures that all the studio processes coalesce perfectly and deliver precisely with our clients' timing, quality and budgetary requirements.

Underneath the stern exterior, of course, beats a heart of pure gold. Funny, collaborative and generous to a fault, Russell is a joy to work with. Much more Austin Powers than Reggie Kray, if asked to pick who you'd want on your team, our international man of mystery would certainly be on the list.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6582 M +44 (0)7946 584119

Philip Gregory - Partner

Philip Gregory - Partner

If the saying 'you're as old as you feel' has an element of truth then Philip should still be being asked to show his ID in pubs. With more energy than a North Sea wind farm, as a partner at 21:12, Philip combines sage business knowledge with a vitality that puts many a younger man to shame.

Philip has been around the world of advertising and communications since TV was black and white and there were only three analogue channels to choose from. His decades of experience are regularly brought to bear in today's multi-channel, digital world.

Philip is a sounding board for colleagues and clients alike. His advice and insights are regularly sought and enthusiastically given but when he takes time out from casting a watchful eye over the agency Philip can often be found spending time on various courses. Racing or golf for preference.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6572 M +44 (0)7831 645964

Will Wright

Will Wright - Account Executive

The youngest member of the team, Will is the future. He is developing as quickly as the technology he immerses himself in. Progress is the order of the day, and as Account Executive at 21:12 it's his job to embrace all things new.

Participating in the 21:12 trainee programme, Will's tenacity and hard graft overcomes any lack of experience and his infectious enthusiasm and charm endears him to colleagues and clients alike.

Energetic, precocious and endlessly curious, Will is an antidote to complacency. Questioning and challenging, the freshness of his vision helps ensure that we continue to drive change in the world of communications.

T +44 (0)20 7680 6526 M +44 (0)7827 258673


Our network of business partners is extensive; including our sister
Porta agencies and beyond.

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